Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nail Trail HIke

Last Thursday, I finally hiked the Nail Trail.  Hadn't been on it since it reopened the end of December 2011.  At that time, a few forest trails in the Las Conchas burn area reopened but much of the burn area in Los Alamos County remained closed.

That is changing, however, because the Santa Fe National Forest supervisor will very soon (maybe tomorrow, Monday) sign a revision of the Las Conchas closure order which will open all the rest of the forest land in Los Alamos County!

at top of first hill on Nail Trail, looking across Pajarito Canyon; note patchiness of burn

elk lurked in the woods and, most un-elk-like, didn't race away; legs look scrawny
Nail Trail near FR2998 intersection; forest service did a good job cutting down hazard trees along trail
Nail Trail continuing toward Pajarito Canyon
from Nail Trail, looking across Pajarito Canyon
I turned back here; the Nail Trail continues downhill to the Pajarito Canyon Trail
high country of Pajarito Mountain above the Nail Trail; wish that some how, some way, the Pajarito Canyon Trail of old that originated high on Pajarito Mountain could be brought back; two wildfires, Cerro Grande and Las Conchas have obliterated it

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